Crew-served Weapons…MWO Policy Changed

Page 39 of PS 726 (May 13) said the Army’s new policy was to have all crew-served weapon

MWOs done only at depot or by small arms readiness evaluation teams (SARET).

Well, the Army has changed its mind.  Now field level support repairmen (MOS 91F) are authorized to do the MWOs.

But accounting for the MWO kits and reporting of completed MWOs into the Modification Management Information System (MMIS) will be done only by TACOM.

Whenever possible, TACOM personnel will travel to the MWO fielding site to oversee the MWO applications.  In most cases, this will be the TACOM MWO coordinator, Product Support Integration Directorate representative, or TACOM LAR.

This change helps better track that MWOs are being done.

The policy modification changes the following MWO numbers:

MWO name Old Number


New Number


M249 collapsible buttstock 201-50-2 201-23-1
M240B collapsible buttstock 313-50-1 313-23-5
M240L collapsible buttstock 313-50-2 313-23-2
M240B adjustable bipod 313-50-3 313-23-3
M240L short barrel 313-50-4 313-23-4

If you have questions about MWO policy, contact TACOM’s Grant Baker at DSN 786-1233, (586) 282-1233, or email:


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