June 6, 1944

Since 1944, June 6 always makes me a bit sad and a whole lotta proud.  Sad ‘cause many young, brave men met their Maker that day, but so very proud of what they and the survivors accomplished on the beaches of Normandy. It’s been 69 years since that day of liberation, but I remember it like it was yesterday. Why, just the month before, I was answering questions for Soldiers in the military magazine, Army Motors.  Here’s the cover from the May 1944 issue.


Army Motors was the daddy of PS Magazine. PS was born in 1951, but I was with Army Motors during WW II. Here are the three pages of questions and answers from that May 1944 issue. Hope you can read some of the questions. They’re good ones! (Notice how young I look in the art at the top of the page!)


Finally, here’s the back cover from that May 1944 issue. We were tackling a problem with the Continental engine on the M4A1 Tank.  The answer is still a good one today—Before starting an M4, M4A1, M7, M12, or M18 hand crank the engine 50 turns.



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