Memorial Day message from MSG Half-Mast

To those now serving and veterans, this weekend we honor those who gave “their last full measure of devotion.”  I will spend some quiet time with those brave men and women at the military area of my local cemetery.  I will be honored to show honor at a wreath laying ceremony.  I will also enjoy friend and family time.  I will overeat and raise a glass or two to those who put their country first.  I will take advantage of any “freebees” offered by local merchants, restaurant owners and owners of recreational facilities. I will know that they really aren’t free. I will know that every man and woman that has worn the uniform paid a price. But I will thank the merchants and be grateful that they recognize my service and the service of those who cannot enjoy their kindness.  I will understand that the greatness of my Country is in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and in the military men and women that make sure that Constitution and that Bill of Rights lives on for another generation.  You are the best and the brightest.  We at PS Magazine salute you and thank you. Enjoy the weekend and do some preventive maintenance on your body and soul by finding some peace and rest.

MSG Half-Mast


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