AN/PSQ-20 NVG… New Helmet Cover for New Goggles

    Not just any helmet cover will do when you’re wearing the AN/PSQ-20  enhanced night vision goggles (ENVG) on your advanced combat helmet (ACH).  You can’t use the standard ACH cover because it’s not designed to fit over the ENVG helmet mount and battery pack.

When you wear the AN/PSQ-20, you also need to wear the ENVG ACH cover. The ENVG cover has a large opening in front to fit over the helmet mount.  It also has a pouch flap in back to fit over the battery pack.  The camouflaged flap conceals the battery pack and helps to conceal you.  It also protects the pack and prevents it from snagging on objects.

You can easily tell the difference between the ENVG ACH cover and the standard ACH cover.  And that difference helps you choose the right cover when operating the ENVG.

The ENVG cover comes in sizes small/medium, large/x-large and xx-large.  It’s available in universal camouflage pattern (UCP) and Operation Enduring Freedom camouflage pattern (OCP).

    Currently, the ENVG ACH helmet cover is not in the supply system.  Units will be issued the cover when they deploy.  If you need a replacement cover, phone Project Manager Soldier Maneuver Sensors’ (PM SMS) Anthony Pesano at (703) 704-4895 or email:


The ENVG, helmet cover, parts and accessories are included in your unit’s prescribed load list (PLL)/authorized stockage list (ASL).  Having all your PLL/ASL provides your unit with ENVG parts and accessories such as ACH covers, lens caps, knobs, neck cords, eye cups, technical manuals and more.

Here’s a list of all the PLL/ASL for your ENVG:

Sacrificial window, NSN 5855-01-246-8271*

Neck cord, NSN 4020-01-446-8097*

7-pin connector dust cap, NSN 5340-01-554-9624*

Switch assembly lever, NSN 5340-01-554-9717

Switch knob, NSN 5355-01-555-0044

Eye cup, NSN 5855-01-246-8273*

Infrared light filter, NSN 5855-01-379-1410*

ENVG system, NSN 5855-01-534-6449

Eyepiece lens cap, NSN 5855-01-554-9678*

Objective lens cap, NSN 5855-01-555-0007*

Helmet mount, NSN 5855-01-555-0028*

Carrying case, NSN 5895-01-554-9667

Helmet mount wiring assembly (HMWA), NSN 5995-01-554-9735*

L91 lithium battery, NSN 6135-01-333-6101

Battery box, NSN 6160-01-554-9890*

Battery box cover, NSN 6160-01-554-9907*

Chin strap assembly, foliage green, NSN 8470-01-530-0868

Helmet post for ACH, NSN 8470-01-531-4284

Mounting bolt, HMWA, NSN 8470-01-568-3589

TM 11-5855-322-23&P

TM 11-5855-322-10*

    *These items come with the ENVG system, 5855-01-534-6449.


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