UTAP Makes Vehicle Recovery a Snap


Good news, vehicle recovery specialists. You no longer have to scramble to find a pad, pencil and eraser to calculate mechanical advantages (MAs).

The Unit Training Assistance Program (UTAP) at TACOM LCMC has vehicle recovery Excel spreadsheets that can figure out MAs in minutes. This saves time and improves safety by ending guesswork and reducing the odds of miscalculation. Spreadsheets are available on the following pieces of equipment and forces:

You can get these formula spreadsheets in the Library of TACOM Training Information Site (LOTTIS) by grabbing your CAC and going to:



  • Click on the Army tab
  • Click on Vehicle Recovery Formulated Spreadsheets
  • Click on Vehicle Recovery Spreadsheets
  • Click on Vehicle Rigging
  • Click on Supplemental System Files.

Files can be downloaded to your personal computer or Maintenance Service Device (MSD). If you have any questions, contact UTAP training coordinator Rod Irons at DSN 786-3722, 586-282-3722, or email:




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