SMART Still Going Strong

  With budget cutbacks around every corner, it’s easy for rumors to get started. Here’s one that needs to be nipped in the bud!  The Army’s Supply and Maintenance Assessment Review Team (SMART) and its associated Tool Improve Suggestions (TIPS) program are still here and still accepting suggestions.

Another rumor is that the Army Suggestion Program (ASP) is gone. That one’s true. It’s easy to confuse the programs because of their similar missions, but the best SMART suggestions often solve everyday problems. Your ideas on supply, maintenance, transportation, food service or any other aspect of Army logistics are encouraged. Approved SMART ideas can earn cash awards.

Also, if you submitted a logistics idea to ASP but never heard back, and you believe your suggestion is still valid, you can resubmit it to SMART.

Check out the SMART website and download the helpful handbook at:

(Note: On the 25th of April, LIA shut the SMART Website down for upgrades but it will return.)

Visit the SMART milBook page at:



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