Automated Integrated Survey Instrument…Longer Time Between Services

If you have an automated integrated survey instrument (AISI), NSN 6675-01-503-3579, managed by CECOM, listen carefully.

Until recently, your AISI required contractor service once every 3 years. Now the manufacturer of the AISI, Trimble Navigation, Ltd., has extended the service interval 2 years to once every 5 years. The extension covers all AISIs managed by CECOM.

AISIs under this contract have a sticker that shows the month and year when the next service is due. This service date comes once every 3 years. Because these same AISIs now qualify for service once every 5 years, write the new service due date on the sticker.

Why Extend the Service Interval?

The AISI has an internal battery that supplies power to store data and firmware/software. The manufacturer of this battery has increased its operating life. That in turn has increased the AISI’s time between services to 5 years.

As long as you inspect and maintain the AISI like it says in TM 5-6675-371-12&P (Jan 09), a 5-year interval service is all you need.

When it’s time for contractor service, get instructions from CECOM’s Denice Ellis at DSN 848-2916, (443) 861-2916, or email:

When To Get Service

So, how do you know when your AISI needs contractor service? Look at the month and year on the sticker. The sticker always reflects a 3-year interval service due date. To get the new 5-year interval service due date, simply add 2 years to the date shown. For example, if the sticker reads April 2014, then the new service due date is April 2016.


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