Small Arms…CCMCK Training Requires Real PMCS

  The good news is the close combat mission capability kit (CCMCK) is  approved for not only the M16 rifle and M4 carbine, but also the M249 machine gun and M9 pistol.  CCMCK gives you a safe, reliable, and accurate training system that closely mimics firing real rounds.

The bad news is the wax from CCMCK rounds can leave the inside of your weapon a mess.  If you don’t do a good job cleaning out all the wax, it can plug the barrel.  Firing a weapon with a plugged barrel is dangerous to you and your weapon.  Avoid that potential catastrophe with this CCMCK PMCS:

BEFORE–Clean and lube your weapon with CLP like it’s spelled out in the weapon’s -10 TM.  You want your weapon as clean as possible before firing CCMCK rounds.

AFTER–Do the same cleaning and lubing procedure, but this time pay special attention to the chamber, barrel and bore.  Those are the most likely areas you’ll find wax.  Really tough wax deposits may require dry cleaning solvent, NSN 6850-01-474-2319.  Use solvent under the direction of your armorer.  The solvent may need to soak into the wax for several minutes before it will work.

When you think you have all the wax cleaned out of the barrel, run your cleaning rod from muzzle to chamber to make sure there are no obstructions.  Look for the end of the cleaning rod in the chamber.

If you can’t see the end of the rod, you may have a stuck round.  If you can’t push out the round yourself, tell your armorer.  But make sure the problem is fixed before you turn in the weapon to the arms room.

Armorers, don’t use a new M16/M4 barrel that has fired fewer than 200 standard rounds for CCMCK.  Older barrels are less likely to have problems with a stuck CCMCK round.  M249 barrels come from the manufacturer ready for CCMCK firing.  The M9 conversion kit has a blue barrel for firing CCMCK rounds.

After training with CCMCK, it’s a good idea to check the M16s and M4s with the barrel straightness gage.  See WP 0015-24 in TM 9-1005-319-23&P.

For the complete word on CCMCK, see TM 9-6920-3700-10.  It’s on the LOGSA ETM website: 

Questions?  Contact ARDEC’s Robert Weissman at DSN 880-3056, (973) 724-3056, or email:

or Edward Gilligan at DSN 880-4992, (973) 724-4992, or email:

 You can also contact TACOM’s John Kelty at DSN 786-1275, (586) 282-1275, or email:


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