Publications . . .Solving PS Download Problems


    Question: Why does my web browser
choke or crash when I try to open a PS Magazine pdf online?

Answer: Many of you have emailed to alert us to this problem. When trying to open a large pdf file of PS on our website, like a full issue or large article, you get an error message and then your Internet browser chokes. Reloading seldom helps.

The problem is caused by a conflict between Adobe Reader® (versions X and XI) and the Internet Explorer® web browser. Adobe hasn’t found a solution in more than a year now and we’re not holding our breath. Unfortunately, we can’t fix this on our end since it’s a software conflict. We’re just as annoyed as you!

The best workaround we’ve found is to download the full issue of PS you want to your hard drive. Then open it directly in Adobe Reader instead of your Internet browser.

Here’s how: When you find the PS issue you want to read, right mouse click on the issue’s cover, then select “Save Target As.” On PCs, a box will open allowing you to select where on your hard drive you want to save the issue.

When you open the issue from your hard drive, you should still be able to open individual articles (the red boxes at the bottom of the pages that read “Click here for a copy of this article to save or email.”).

You can also try using the Mozilla Firefox® browser instead, but that isn’t an option on some Army networks. If you read PS on your PC at home, though, that might be the easiest solution.



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