XM1216 SUGV . . . Avoid Heavy Finger on OCU Power Button

MS-4736-M Artwork

Operators, the best way to shut down the XM1216 small unmanned ground vehicle (SUGV) system is to use the hand controller and display screen menu commands.  But there may be times when you have to manually power down the system using the operator control unit (OCU) computer.

When those times come, here’s a simple reminder:  After manually powering down the robot, press, but do not hold down, the OCU power button.  The green light on the power button will remain lit while the computer runs through its normal shutdown sequence.  That takes about 20 seconds, so be patient.

Holding down the power button forces a hard shutdown that keeps the computer from completing its proper shutdown sequence.  That can damage the computer or corrupt its software.

By the way, if the hard shutdown method doesn’t work, you can always disconnect the OCU battery located in the OCU backpack.


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