Packaging…Part Two

Exiting the Methods
of Preservation Maze: Method 20

Previously, we introduced you to a type of maze. It’s the “maze of indecision” caused by confusion over the various military packaging preservation methods.

In the prior article, we explained Method 10. This month we’ll cover Method 20, the second potential “exit” from the maze.

Method 20

    Method 20 is physical protection with preservative (with greaseproof wrap, as required).

Use Method 20 primarily on metal items when their characteristics allow application of a corrosion preventive compound by dipping, flow coating, slushing, spraying, flushing, brushing or fogging.

Items preserved by Method 20 must not be damaged or impaired when removing preservatives using solvents, vapor degreasers, or alkali metal-cleaning compounds.

To use Method 20, apply a preservative coating to the item and, in some cases, add a greaseproof wrap. The preservative coating protects the item against water, salt, gasses or fumes during handling, shipping and storage.

In Method 20, the entire chemical protection afforded to the item is through the contact preservative.

Using your map of MIL-STD-2073-1, Standard Practice for Military Packaging, follow these steps for Method 20:

  1. Clean and dry the item.
  2. Select and apply a preservative coating to the item or its parts as needed.

Note: Before proceeding to Step 3, allow parts coated with Code 01 or Code 19 preservatives to dry. Do not apply the wrap in Step 3 unless specified in the contract or order. Items treated with Code JL, VCI-treated barrier material (MIL-PRF-22019) or bag (MIL-B-22020), which are securely taped to make an airtight enclosure, are also exempt from the wrap in Step 3.

  1. Enclose the coated item, cushioned as required, in a wrap conforming to MIL-PRF-121, Type I or II.
  2. Apply markings according to MIL-STD-129.

If you get lost in the “maze” or need help, call the Logistics Support Activity’s Packaging, Storage and Containerization Center at DSN 795-7105, (570) 615-7105, or email:

    Next time, we’ll discuss Method 30.


You can find the publications referenced in this series at:

    The quickest way to find a pub is to enter the numbers from its title (for example, MIL-STD-129 would be ‘129’) into the Document Number search box and then press the Submit button.

MS-4650-A Method 20


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