Maintenance Management . . .CECOM PQDRs and the NMP

Have you ever received damaged or defective CECOM equipment and wondered, “What do I do now?”

The Product Quality Deficiency Report (PQDR) process is the answer. Any CECOM materiel that does not meet “form, fit, or function” criteria is a ready-made candidate for a PQDR. Reporting items that fail to meet any of these three criteria helps reduce the amount of defective materiel sent out to others.

When a CECOM PQDR is received, an Army master screener reviews and then assigns it to the appropriate CECOM directorate for investigation. Depending on the outcome, the deficient item may be repaired or replaced or the unit that submitted the PQDR may receive credit.

By accurately completing the information requested on the SF-368, Product Quality Deficiency Report, you can help speed up the investigation.

Some CECOM items are part of the National Maintenance Program (NMP), so it’s especially important to include the date and location where the materiel was last repaired. Knowing when and where the item was repaired ensures the materiel is sent to the correct location.

Repair facilities in the NMP are held to the highest quality standards, which ensures users receive materiel that has been repaired properly.

Submit CECOM PQDRs at the Product Data Reporting and Evaluation Program (PDREP) website:

    Users with a valid user ID can log on directly to the site to submit PQDRs. Individuals without a PDREP user ID can still access the site and submit PQDRs through the “EZ PDR LOGON” tab.

In order to get a user ID, you must submit an access request. The access request form is found on the PDREP website at:


    If you need further help with the CECOM PQDR process, email the CECEOM PQDR team at:



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