Logistics Management . . .Got GCSS-Army Questions?

MS-4616-A Fig 1

Good news! Help with Global Combat Support System-Army (GCSS-Army) is here. A new help desk call center at the Software Engineering Center at Ft Lee, VA, is open to support the field.

The Sustainment Support System for the Single Interface to the Field (S4IF) is the go-to spot for GCSS-Army answers. This means handy “one-stop shopping” for SASMOs supporting both GCSS-Army and legacy STAMIS systems.

All first-time users at S4IF must register for access. Visit:


    For a step-by-step registration guide, go to:



Questions? Contact GCSS-Army’s help desk toll-free at (866) 547-1349, DSN 687-1051, (804) 734-1051 or email:



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