Communications Security…Readiness Reporting Required

 SAMS-E operators, you use the B tables in the maintenance master data file (MMDF) to identify readiness reportable items.  Some of those items include communications security (COMSEC) equipment.

The Communications Security Logistics Activity (CSLA) is slowly adding COMSEC items to the MMDF.  At present, CSLA has the following reportable COMSEC items identified in the MMDF:


  • · SKL (AN/PYQ-10 (C)), NSN 5810-01-517-3587, LIN C05002
  • · KY-100, NSN 5810-01-376-1380, LIN C52700
  • · AN/CYZ-10(V)3, NSN 5810-01-393-1973, LIN D78555
  • · Z-AHQ, NSN 5810-01-026-9624, LIN J97569
  • · KY-99, NSN 5810-01-307-5414, LIN K47623
  • · KY-99A, NSN 5810-01-391-0187, LIN K47623
  • · Z-AHP, NSN 6110-01-026-9623, LIN R71604
  • · KY-57, NSN 5810-00-434-3644, LIN S01373
  • · KY-58RED28 V, NSN 5810-00-449-0154, LIN S01441
  • · KOI-18, NSN 5810-01-026-9620, LIN T40405
  • · KYK-13, NSN 5810-01-026-9618, LIN E98103



  • · KYK-15A, NSN 5810-01-095-1312, LIN N02758
  • · KG-175D MICRO, NSN 5810-01-547-4520, LIN E05004
  • · KIV-7 M, NSN 5810-01-530-2811, LIN E05003


    Two other COMSEC items are listed in the MMDF:


  • · TSEC/ST-58, NSN 5810-01-173-6242, LIN FA1098
  • · KYX-15, NSN 5895-01-026-9619, LIN FA100T


Both of these items will soon be deleted because the Army is removing them from the supply system.

CSLA will add more COMSEC items to the MMDF as they get standard line item numbers (SLIN).

If you see your COMSEC equipment in the MMDF, you must report its readiness status.  That’s a requirement found in Para 2-6b of AR 700-138, Army Logistics Readiness and Sustainability (Feb 04).  This requirement applies to Active Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserve.

         Where to Find the MMDF

The MMDF is a USAMC Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA) product that identifies the Army’s reportable equipment.  You’ll find it online in the LOGSA Logistics Information Warehouse (LIW):

    CSLA encourages units to accurately report COMSEC equipment readiness.  Monthly COMSEC reports alert CSLA to items being repaired more often than they should be.  The reports also identify equipment considered non-mission capable (NMC).

If you need help maintaining or replacing any COMSEC equipment found in this article, contact CSLA’s Nancy Calderon at DSN 879-6408, (520) 538-6408, or email:


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