M2/M3-Series Bradleys . . .Is the Curtain Closed?

     Crewman, a missing or open dust curtain, NSN 1005-01-126-7797, on your Bradley’s TOW launcher can lead to unnecessary damage.  That’s a real show-stopper!

    Without the curtain’s protection, dirt and moisture get inside the launcher.  That allows corrosion to build up on the armament control unit’s (ACU) umbilical connectors.  Corrosion can also allow the missile latch/release handle to seize up.  That makes it hard to load, seat and lock the missiles into the tubes.  So keep the curtain closed whenever the launcher isn’t being used.

    ‘Course, you can’t close the curtain if the snap fastener studs and hook-and-pile tape are missing or damaged.  Replace the studs on the launch cover with NSN 5315-00-174-2882.

    New hook-and-pile tape for the top cover comes with NSN 8315-01-470-8453.  That brings a 25-yard roll of 1-in wide black tape.


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