Ammo codes

 Ammunition supply points (ASPs) have millions of ammo rounds in varying condition codes (CCs).  The codes are used to efficiently manage all these rounds. 

    Unfortunately, most units are only familiar with code CC-A: “serviceable and issuable to all customers without limitation or restriction.”  And that’s all they ever ask for from their ASP. 

    That needlessly uses up CC-A ammo that is best saved for units deploying. CC-B ammo, for example, is “new, used, repaired, or reconditioned materiel that is serviceable and issuable for its intended purpose; however it is restricted from issue to specific units, activities, or geographical area by reason of its limited usefulness.”

     A good example of CC-B ammo is linked machine gun tracer ammo whose tracers sometimes burn out before they reach their required distance.  This ammo isn’t good for combat, but it is  excellent for training. 

    CC-C ammo is “serviceable (priority of issue) items that are issuable to selected customers, but which must be issued before conditions ‘A’ and ‘B’ materiel to avoid loss as usable assets.” 

    Many CC-C types of ammo are lots in small quantities, lots with short shelf life or lots in cans that have already been partly fired.  The 120mm M831 target practice round, for example,   has an 18-year shelf life, but is reclassified as CC-C after 13 years. 

    Units can save the Army big bucks and help their ASPs by asking for CC-B and CC-C ammo for training.  Just one M831 target practice cartridge for the M1-series tank costs $1,355.  So using a CC-B or CC-C M831 not only saves the cost of buying a new round, but frees up valuable storage space in ammo bunkers.  Multiply that by the thousands of rounds units fire each year during training. 

    The Joint Munitions Command (JMC) teams of ammunition managers and  quality assurance specialists and engineers spend many hours ensuring that any ammo units receive, regardless of condition code, will do what it’s supposed to.  JMC will never ship ammunition to you unless the ammo is determined to be reliable and safe to use.


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