Food Sanitation Center…

    A food sanitation center (FSC) is all about heat.  Heated water.  Heat shields.  Thermometers and hot temperatures.  Here are a few tips for using your FSC correctly while avoiding burns:

              Heat Shields

    You’ll be using very hot water to wash, rinse and sanitize pots, pans and utensils.  That means the metal sinks will get hot.  Before you do anything else, install heat shields on the sinks so you won’t burn yourself.

Heat shield NSN 5340-01-541-
Front 4996
Coupler 4998
Edge 1917

    You need three front shields, two couplers and an edge.

                How Hot?

    The FSC comes with three sinks: one to wash, one to rinse and one to sanitize.  The water temperature in each sink is different.

Sink Temperature
Wash 110 to 120oF
Rinse 120 to 140oF
Sanitize 171oF or above (not 170oF as listed on the front shield)


    WP 0006-00 of TM 10-7360-211-13&P (Aug 06, w/Ch 2, Sep 10) spells out the temperatures.  You’ll find the TM on USAMC LOGSA’s Electronic Technical Manuals Online website:


    Para 4-43 of TB MED 530, Occupational and Environmental Health Food Sanitation, also lists the temperatures.  You’ll find the TB on the Army Publishing Directorate website:

Adjusting the Temperature

    Fill each sink with water to the —FULL— mark.  That’s about 7 1/2 inches deep.  Then push the metal stems of the thermometers, NSN 6685-00-444-6500, all the way down through the brackets, NSN 5340-01-333-8483.  Make sure the tips are submerged about 2 inches under water.

    Never start a modern burner unit (MBU) under a sink that’s not filled with water.  You’ll just heat the metal until it becomes burning hot.

    Next, fire up the MBUs.  Turn the burner controls for more or less heat.  Adjust them to reach and hold the required water temperatures.  Keep an eye on the thermometers.

    One more thing about the sinks: They arrive with clear tape over the drains.  Remove the tape before using the sinks.

    For the full story on the FSC, read your -13&P TM.


2 Comments on “Food Sanitation Center…”

  1. Tari Tessier says:

    Thought-provoking piece – I Appreciate the analysis , Does anyone know where I would be able to get access to a template tm 10 7360 211 13&p example to use ?

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