Advanced Combat Helmet

    Without a chin strap, your advanced combat helmet (ACH) will soon tumble off your head.  Get the Specialty Defense Systems (SDS) Warrior four-point chin strap with NSN 8470-01-530-0868.

    The NSN includes the strap and four each of the attachment tabs, mounting screws and posts.  The strap comes in a one-size-fits-all foliage green.

    NSN 8470-01-531-3351 gets the strap alone without hardware.

    Need to order the individual hardware—attachment tabs, mounting screws and posts—for the SDS Warrior strap?  FED LOG gives these items an acquisition advice code of V, terminal item.  That means the items are available, but only until the current stock is exhausted.  Here are the hardware NSNs:

Item NSN 8470-01-
Mounting screw set.  Includes four each of attachment tabs, posts and screws. 533-1011
Attachment tabs (box of 50) 531-3897
Mounting screw (box of 50) 531-4268
Post (box of 50) 531-4284



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