Annual Service Kit NSNs for Tactical Vehicles


    Mechanics, getting ready to do  annual (or semiannual) maintenance on your unit’s tactical vehicles?  Use this list for the service kits you need to perform those required checks and services for the following vehicles:

Vehicle System NSN (Annual except as noted)
ASV 4910-01-526-7869
M1074/M1075 PLS 2590-01-539-6378(Includes the semiannual kit, NSN 2590-01-521-9985)
M1000 HET semitrailer    4910-01-523-1410
M1070 HET tractor 4910-01-523-16454910-01-523-1408  semiannual
HMMWV 2590-01-495-69002590-01-496-0055  semiannual
M977, M985 HEMTT (cargo) 2530-01-496-25882530-01-496-3052  semiannual
M978 HEMTT (tanker) 2530-01-496-19742530-01-496-4057  semiannual
M984A1 HEMTT (wrecker)   2530-01-496-28392530-01-496-2097  semiannual
M977A2, M985A2 HEMTT (cargo), M1120A2 HEMTT (LHS),M1977A2 HEMTT (CBT) 4910-01-591-4454
M978A2 HEMTT (tanker) 4910-01-591-4509
M983A2 HEMTT (LET) 4910-01-591-4463
M984A2 HEMTT (wrecker) 4910-01-591-4489
M977A4, M985A4 HEMTT (cargo),M1120A4 HEMTT (LHS) 4910-01-588-1344
M978A4 HEMTT (tanker) 4910-01-588-1366
M983A4 HEMTT (LET) 4910-01-588-1407
M984A4 HEMTT (wrecker) 4910-01-588-1415
M985A4 HEMTT (GMT) 4910-01-588-1421
M915 tractor truck 4330-01-538-9910
M915A1 4330-01-538-9934
M915A2 4330-01-538-9919
M915A3 4330-01-538-9926
M915A4 4330-01-539-1488
M916, M920 4330-01-538-9955
M917, M918, M919 4330-01-538-9946
M916A1, M916A2M917A1, M917E1                   4330-01-538-9923
M916A3, M917A2, M917E2 4330-01-538-9930
M939/A1-series trucks 2590-01-541-4620
M939A2-series trucks 2590-01-541-4611
FMTV MTV A1Serial numbers 11,438 – 99,999 2590-01-528-7507
FMTV LMTV A1Serial numbers 11,438 – 99,999 2590-01-528-7239
FMTV MTV A1RSerial numbers 100,001 and up 2590-01-533-6748
FMTV LMTV A1RSerial numbers 100,000 and up 2590-01-533-6745
FMTV MTV           Serial numbers 0001 – 11,437 2590-01-528-7508
FMTV LMTV          Serial numbers 0001 – 11,437 2590-01-528-7243
MRAP RG-33/RG-33 Plus 2990-01-570-3733
MRAP RG-31A2/A2M1/A2RTR 2990-01-570-3759
MRAP RG-31A3 2990-01-578-9652
MRAP Cougar 4910-01-576-3422
MRAP MaxxPro 2990-01-570-3792
MRAP MaxxPro Plus (Ambulance and Dash Service Kit) 2990-01-578-9655
MRAP Caiman/Caiman Plus 2990-01-570-3716

5 Comments on “Annual Service Kit NSNs for Tactical Vehicles”

  1. sgt perez says:

    looking for the LVSR nsn pm kit, does anyone know it?

  2. James says:

    looor the M878A1 service kit nsn please help

  3. Ramon Torres SFC RET, Contractor says:

    MSG Half-Mast,. I do need your help identifying the component listing for NSN 2590-01-541-4611, Service Kit. I work at an SSA at Fort Huachuca, AZ. We receive goods from PHOENIX ARMY NATIONAL GUARD. Before I place this Items In location It need to be right an complete. Hope you will contact me soon Thank

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