AN/GRM-122 Radio Test Set

       ESD Takes Out Circuit Cards

     Your AN/GRM-122 radio test set has three major components that contain circuit card assemblies (CCA):

    o TS-4317/GRM

    o J-4843A/GRM

    o PL-1536/GRM

    Before you handle any of the CCAs, consider this:

    CCAs are sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD).  ESD can degrade or destroy transistors, resistors and the integrated circuits of CCAs.  The discharge can happen while packaging, shipping, handling or installing CCAs.

    Where does ESD come from?  It comes from electrically charged objects all around you: clothing, rugs, chairs, papers, manuals, ordinary packaging materials or the work surface itself.

    But more than anywhere else, ESD comes from you.  Your body has thousands of volts of static electricity.  When you handle a CCA without proper grounding, that static electricity is discharged.  You may not feel the discharge or see the damage—but it’s there.

Protect Your AN/GRM-122 CCAs from ESD.

    o Make sure you’re grounded before you open the test set’s components and handle the CCAs.

    o Open the components and handle the CCAs only at a static-safe work station that includes a grounded table mat, floor mat and wrist strap.  They’re designed to limit static buildup and carry already existing charges to ground.

    o When you receive CCAs, make sure they’re in their original, unopened packages.  If they aren’t, the CCAs must be downgraded to supply condition code F, unserviceable.

    o If you return a CCA to the depot for any reason, make sure it’s packaged in an ESD-protective bag.  ESD-protective packaging is required no matter what condition the CCA is in.

    o When you store CCAs on shelves, work benches or in tool boxes, they must remain packaged.

    o When you open the packages, handle the CCAs only at a static-safe work station.

    Here are some available static-safe products:

Item NSN 5920-01-
Table mat, common point ground and wrist strap 250-4236
Portable work surface, common point ground and wrist strap 250-4237
Field service kit  (includes mat, pouches, wrist straps and grounding cord) 253-5368


    For more on electrostatic discharge,  see the article on Pages 40-47 of PS 662:


2 Comments on “AN/GRM-122 Radio Test Set”

  1. Charles Richard says:

    What are the required components of the GRM-122 when transferring property? In regards to changing commanders or property holders.

    Charles Richard

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