HMEE-1 . . .Don’t Forget the Spare Tire Carrier!

     In order to start scoop loader bucket operations, you’ll need to unhook the excavator’s spare tire carrier from the front bucket.

    The carrier holds the spare tire, COEI hand tools and some BII items.  All in all, we’re talking about $10K worth of equipment here.

    So make sure these items are out of the way during operations.  You don’t want to accidentally run over or drop a load on them.  Also, don’t leave ‘em behind at the work site when it’s time to head back to the motor pool.  Hey, don’t laugh!  It’s happened on more than one occasion.

    That’s why it’s a good idea to paint identifying marks—like your machine’s name and bumper number—on the carrier’s frame.  That way, if you do forget it, others at the work site will know who to return it to.


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