AH-64A/D: The M4 Carbine Mount and the SSU


    Co-pilot gunners, the M4 carbine mount on the AH-64 sits real close to the sensor surveying unit (SSU), NSN 1270-01-159-7994. The SSU can’t take a licking and keep on ticking if you slam the M4 into the mount or flip the barrel clamp into the sensor.

    Pay attention when you remove and install the M4 because the mount is almost flush against the SSU. That’s too close for comfort. The SSU is not strong enough to handle the M4 being shoved too hard into the rack. The barrel clamp could break or crack the SSU lens if the clamp is carelessly flipped into it.

    Remember, the SSU sends signals to the integrated helmet and display sighting system (IHADSS). If it’s broken, your helmet will no longer be able to control aircraft weapons and the target acquisition designation sight (TADS).

    Your bird will be red X’d and won’t be flying until the broken SSU or its mount gets replaced or it is repaired by a depot-level contact team.

    So, take it easy when you mount or remove the M4 from the mount. That way, the SSU won’t take a licking and will keep on ticking.           


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