AGSE: Is Your Sling OK?


    If you have the unit maintenance aerial recovery kit (UMARK), there could be a manufacturing defect in the slings, NSN 3940-01-538-5218, P/N 94H520-2.

    Users sometimes refer to this sling as the 30-ft heavyweight black/white sling with bridle.

    All units that have a UMARK kit need to identify, inspect, and purge all defective slings from their kits now!

    The problem with the sling is that the bridle was placed at the wrong end of the sling by the manufacturer. The sling has two distinct ends. On the “single-eyed” end, you have one eyelet. On the “double-eyed” end, you have two eyelets. The bridle of a correctly manufactured sling should be  approximately seven feet from the double-eyed end. If the bridle is in any other location on the sling, it is defective.

    When rigging an aircraft for recovery, the double-eye end of the sling is ALWAYS placed on the side of/pointing to the aircraft being recovered. If a defective sling is used, it will cause a severe nose down attitude of the aircraft being recovered and can cause further damage to the aircraft when it is set down upon completion of the recovery.

    If you have a defective sling, check out General Aviation Safety Action Message (GEN-11-ASAM-01) for inspection criteria and how to get a replacement sling.

    Defectiveslings should be shipped to:

URS Federal Services

Attn: Tammy Altobello

Asst. Logistics Manager

Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst

Bldg# 194, Hangar 5, Dunn Street

Lakehurst, NJ 08733-5009


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