Night Vision Equipment

Remember a few rules:

 Don’t leave batteries in night vision equipment.  Sounds pretty basic, but each year we lose lots of sights and goggles because the batteries weren’t removed when the equipment was stored.  The batteries leak and that eventually destroys the sights.  Before you turn in your goggles or sight, remove the batteries.  Armorers should double-check that the batteries have been removed before they store the night vision equipment.  Armorers should also make sure the goggles or sight was given a PMCS and a DA Form 2404 was completed.

  Leave the lens caps and lens interference filter (LIF) on as much as possible.  The caps protect the sights and goggles from the sun and bright lights and the LIF protects against lasers, both of which can ruin the image intensifier.  The intensifier can cost as much as $2,500.  If the caps are missing, the sight or goggles are NMC. 

Don’t substitute batteries in the night vision goggles or sights.  The wrong batteries can put out the wrong voltage, which could ruin the goggles or sight’s circuitry.  Use only the batteries specified by the -10 TM.



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