Tactical Vehicles: Antifreeze Testing

    One of our readers recently ordered the antifreeze test kit, NSN 6630-01-011-5039, that we told you about on Page 20 of PS 685 (Dec 09).  This same NSN is also found on Page 6 of TB 750-651, Use of Antifreeze Multi-Engine Type Cleaning Compounds and Test Kit in Engine Cooling Systems.  The reader told us that he  found out it doesn’t work on the new propylene glycol antifreeze that we are using Army-wide!

    Then he asked if it’s OK to use the test kit that comes with part number 311519 instead because it’s from the same manufacturer. 

    The antifreeze experts at RDECOM TARDEC don’t recommend that option, so the short answer is no.  That’s because the test kit doesn’t test for supplemental coolant additive (SCA) levels.  That’s a requirement for CID-A-A-51461C Type II compliance. 

In fact, the test strip that comes with NSN 6850-01-154-3653—also mentioned in that PS article—is not compliant.  And there is no NSN available for test strips that meets CID A-A-51461C Type II nitrite standards for antifreeze testing.     

    You need a commercial engine coolant test strip that follows CID-A-A-51461 Type II guidance and tests for nitrite concentration and universal freeze point of ethylene glycol and propylene glycol.

    Here are a few commercial options to consider:

   Penray, PN TS-100, 800-373-6729,


    Fleetguard, PN CC2602, 800-22FILTER,


Detroit Diesel, Power Trac PN 23522774, 800-445-1980,


     Directions for use and acceptable levels are provided on the test strip containers.             



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