All Aircraft: Don’t Use PWC Paint


    Mechanics, if you have any Pacific West Coast (PWC) paint stored in your shop’s paint cabinets, don’t use it for touch-up work! We had the good word on Page 35 of PS 658 (Sep 07).

    The only paint you’re allowed to use  is listed in TM 1-1500-344-23, Cleaning and Corrosion Control, Consumable Materials for Aircraft. It has NSNs for all approved paint.

    PWC paint does not conform to the MIL-SPEC and is not approved for use on aircraft or any CARC-painted equipment.

    If you spray CARC, you can spray the paint only in an OSHA-approved spray booth while wearing the proper protective gear.

    The long and short answer to the question of unapproved products has been and still is to stick with what’s in your TM. That includes paint. Additional materials information is available from the AMCOM Corrosion Program Office, DSN 897-0209 or (256) 313-0209. You can also reach them toll-free at (866) 222-2364.


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