Who Says? PS SAYS!

From aircraft to tanks, uniforms to HAZMAT, yes, even bandage to aid stations–name the subject and you’ll find PS Magazine there, using plain language and a unique format to explain a procedure or policy.

PS is the postscript with the information that keeps you going until the TM, FM, regulation, pamphlet or other publication catches up.

PS Magazine has been around since 1951.  Its job is to interpret official maintenance and supply policies and procedures in a way that increases the effectiveness of unit-level maintenance and supply.

PS must get approval from the technical experts before an article is printed. So, it can be used to order the NSNs it recommends, to follow the procedures it outlines or to fabricate a tool from plans it gives.

Next time you see a copy of PS, remember: It is your commander’s authority for maintenance and supply actions until the TM or other publications catch up.


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