Ignorance Is the Pits

What you don’t know can’t hurt you, right?  Since when?  The truth is, what you don’t know is usually what really messes you up.

That goes big time for the conditions of your unit’s equipment. Not knowing that is one sure way to get hurt–maybe permanently.

         But, since you can’t inspect all of your unit’s equipment yourself, you have to train your soldiers to be your eyes and ears. Make sure they’re doing PMCS.  Make sure they are on the lookout for potential problems and report the problems they find.

For instance, if they find and report a Class I or Class II leak, it can be fixed before it becomes a Class III leak.

Likewise, if they spot shiny areas around a bolt head or nut–a good sign that it’s loose–and report it, it can be tightened before something breaks.

If they routinely eyeball trouble spots like wiring, hoses, belts and tires for wear, and report problems, you’ve got a chance to take action before major maintenance is needed.

What you do know can hurt you, too, but with a good reporting system at least you’ve got a fighting change.


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