Turn in Smoke Grenade Launchers Now

Combat Vehicles…

      Turn in Smoke Grenade Launchers Now


      The Reset/repair program for smoke grenade launchers has halted because they have run out of launchers.  Any of the following launchers that are not being used or are not working should be turned in immediately:

      o M239, NSN 1055-01-015-0874, LIN L44612

      o M243, NSN 1055-01-059-0560, LIN L67021

      o M250, NSN 1055-00-000-0138, LIN L44680

      o M257, NSN 1055-01-070-1213, LIN L44031

      o M259, NSN 1055-01-107-7501, LIN L44748

      Smoke grenade launchers in condition codes F or H should be sent to:

      RIC: AD1

      DODAAC: W41CE8

      XU W0K4 USA OSC Pine Bluff Arsenal

      Army Non-ammo Field Service Account 53990

      507th Str

      Pine Bluff AR 71602-9500

      For launchers in all other condition codes, contact Ramon Perez for mailing instructions at DSN 786-1553, (586) 282-1553, or email:


      Units should send the launchers via military shipping at their own

cost.  No credit will be given to the units for the launchers to the units.  


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