Choices, Choices, Choices

Life is a series of choices.

If we make mostly right choices, we live mostly long, happy lives.

If we make mostly wrong choices, we live mostly short, unhappy lives.

If we choose to stay in good shape and give Uncle Sam an honest day’s work then we earn our paycheck, get promoted and maybe eventually reenlist.

But if we choose to avoid responsibility, to put off until tomorrow what we can do today, to put minimum effort into everything we do, well, we get passed over for promotion, get out after our first hitch and look for another job.

The same choices apply to preventive maintenance no matter what equipment you operator or maintain.

Do you pull PMCS when it’s scheduled or postpone it until another day?

Do you follow the TM or rely on your memory?

Do you use the right tools or use whatever tools you can scrounge up?

Do you regard PM as an essential to well-maintained equipment or treat it like a “do it if there’s time” job?

If you make the right PM choices, your equipment will probably live a long, useful life.

If you make the wrong PM choices, your equipment will probably die in the dust before its useful life is fulfilled.

What are your PM choices?


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