Well, I’ve heard of PS. But I’ve never actually seen it!

Q: We hear everywhere we go, “I love PS, but we hardly ever see it.”

A: We talk to operators and mechanics on a daily basis.  They tell us how they use and maintain their equipment.  Sometimes they describe a problems already addressed in PS.  They say they didn’t see the information because the magazine isn’t getting to their unit.

Odds are PS is close by.  Close to 60,000 copies are mailed out every month. But the information isn’t doing much good if it’s not getting to the Soldiers who need it.

So, look around after you’ve finished this an issue of PS.  Is everyone in your unit who needs PS getting to read it?  PS is free, so order as many copies as you need.  Then make sure those copies get out of the office and down to motor pool, where they’re needed.

And, while you’re waiting for your shiny new PS shipment to arrive, check out our large archives of PS online. You can search for specific topics or read entire issues, dating back ten years!


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