How Official Is PS?

Q: How official is PS?

A: Some units misunderstand this statement on the PS table of contents page: “Application of the information is optional with the user.”  They think because what they see in PS is “optional,” they can ignore it.

     That’s a mistake!  Preventive Maintenance information gets into PS only after a difficult journey through commodity commands where the information has been reviewed by the equipment experts.  If they don’t approve an article’s information, the article doesn’t make it in the magazine.

     So everything you read in PS has been blessed by the command who manages that piece of equipment.  The information in PS is “official” in the sense that it is officially approved.   PS articles often correct or clear up information in TMs, ARs, or FMs.  The information appears first in PS because PS can usually get it to the field faster.

     You shouldn’t wait until the info makes it into the “official” publication, before you act upon it.  That may be too late.

     The option not to follow the instructions in PS lies with your commander.  Unless he or she says otherwise, use the info.  Your equipment will appreciate it.


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